Heating & cooling in the south is a bit different

I live in the south and I count myself lucky for that. There really isn’t much of a reason I could consider to leave this area. And I have seen many other regions across the country so I have a bit of comparison. I had a jo that took me to a northern most region where I learned all about how miserable a serious winter can be. I never wanted to leave the HVAC heat vent. I literally moved my chair so that the heat blew directly on me. Either at home or at the office, I was always trying to increase the HVAC heat levels. Fortunately for me, that job didn’t last too long and I was able to take a position back here in the south. This is the place where we get both our heat and our cool from the HVAC heat pump. No more furnaces for me thankyou. Our winters are warm enough that I don’t even feel the need to turn on the heat all that often. But the summer is the big trade off. That is where the heat pump really does shine. The heat and humidity are pretty much in need of supplemental cooling about 8 months of the year. I have a great HVAC heat pump that is super efficient. It has a high SEER rating and is also eco friendly. However, you still have to be vigilant about the HVAC setting in the summer or you’ll end up draining your bank account. But, it’s really not too tough to balance out.
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