Exam session goes really bad with the cooling technology

It had been 4 years of preparation for these exams.

I was confident that I would ace these exams as from when I was a child, I had dreamt of becoming a doctor and nothing was going to stop me.

We were all looking forward to going out into the world and starting careers of saving lives. We were around 200 students ready to tackle the exams. The exam room could hold about 500 people. It had a huge hall with a high ceiling and big windows that brought in a lot of light. We had just started the paper when the temperatures started getting cooler, I shot an eye to the head invigilator who had the WiFi thermostat, hoping he could increase the temperatures. When everyone started complaining of the cold inside the exam hall, the invigilator seemed to be fidgeting with the controller and announced that it had malfunctioned and was not communicating with the zone controlled HVAC unit therefore it was not giving out quality heating to the hall. Though the ductwork was very well done, I noticed a HVAC duct sticking out like a sore thumb. They switched on the oil heater and the portable space heater in order to make the exam room warmer so we could continue with our paper, but that solution didn’t last long. The exam was canceled and they called a HVAC repairman who replaced the cooling equipment and updated the cooling technology supplied by the cooling and heating business. The heating contractor also performed a furnace heater tune-up on the unit. Despite him being a ductless multi-split specialist, he was able to resurrect the system and we continued with our paper in the afternoon. Though it was a long day, I was confident that I aced the test.

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