A wet A/C system

I recently figured out what was wrong with our cooling system, for months I would wake up to a puddle of water around our cooling unit.

  • It was driving me insane.

My carpet actually stained from the water injure plus I was always fighting mold in our A/C system. The puddle then has graduated to water actually spitting out of the system. As the cooling system runs, the water is shooting out of the front plus leaking down the sides. That can’t be nice for a system. I waited so long because I figured this was a really costly repair. I thought our HVAC company would tell me I need a new system or the whole motor is shot. After a bit of googling I realized a leaking A/C equipment is a cheap fix. The issue was just a clogged condensate drain, but cleaning the drain was as simple as cleaning a lint trap, pool skimmer or a fish tank. I just mucked out some algae in the drain plus now our system is dry as a bone. I cleaned the mold off the cooling coil plus it is staying clean. I also got a brand new air filter for our system plus vacuumed the whole inside of it. My cooling system is now disinfect plus fresh as a daisy. The service did not cost me a single penny. I did it all on our own plus our system isn’t injured. Occasionally the repairs on the HVAC equipment are not really repairs at all. Occasionally you do advantage out plus it is a simple homeowner repair thing.


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