My uncle didn’t have air conditioning in his home

I could never comprehend how my uncle was able to live in his home during the summer, as my mother informed me that he never had air conditioning installed, despite the fact that her sibling pleaded with him to do so.

He kept putting it off, and after the death of his mother’s sibling, he no longer believed it was worthwhile.

I wondered what he did to place such a high priority on his wife’s comfort. According to my mother, he was a gardener who was constantly outdoors. When he entered the house with the shades drawn, it was so cold that he began to shiver. He attempted to convey this information to my aunt, but she did not comprehend it. She left him years before she died, but she simply moved to a new residence! During the winter, he lived with her, but in the summer they were separated. Mom never truly comprehended the relationship, but she stated that it worked for them and neither was uncomfortable. I’m glad my parents do not live this way. I wondered if I’d be here if they had succeeded. Since my father works for a Heating and A/C company, our Heating and A/C is always optimal, and my friend and I never have to worry about it being too hot or too cold. Next year, my father plans to open a heating and cooling company. I hope to attend school and become his first Heating and Air Conditioning technician. After a few years of working for him, I may approach my father and ask if he has ever considered adding & Son to the sign in front of the Heating and Air Conditioning business. When the time came, my enjoyable friend and I could have an enjoyable relationship.

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