Flatmate upset with climate control

I had a really good night of sleep last night and it is telling me that I need to have more nights like that in the future.

I went to bed last night around 11pm and didn’t get out of bed till after 10am this morning.

I like to stay in bed longer and rest more on days when I play a lot of volleyball because my body needs more rest than on non exercise days. I am waking up slowly still because my body is recovering from all of the energy I spent yesterday playing the sport. The HVAC company is closed today so luckily I am just doing some online work for the day and don’t have to worry about bending over cleaning ductwork and things like that. I think by tomorrow I will be better with my pain and will be able to work without any issues. I just need to shop at this local business later and get some food, but other than that my day is going to be pretty simple. I may go out later and meet my friends on the shore but I am not going to be playing any sports today. Today is a day of cooling down the body with cold gel and then heating it up again with a hot shower or even a hot bath. Sometimes I soak in a bath with epsom salts for 45 minutes and then follow it up with some ice on the joints. The HEPA filter sales lady told me about how to relieve joint pain this way and it works great.


climate control

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