My buddy Beth works for a beekeeping business

My buddy Brian started working for a beekeeping plus honey supply locale a couple of years ago, however the beekeeping locale is way up on top of a mountain at the edge of town… You have to drive really far up this old dirt road to get to it plus it’s really cool up there, both of us live in the middle of nowhere, to tell you the truth.

  • The man who owns the beekeeping plus honey supplier with his husband are pretty old plus set in their ways.

They’re nice people, though. They just don’t want a lot of people up there on their property. They have a fence all around the whole area plus a great immense gate that blocks the road so nobody can get in if they aren’t supposed to. Brian told myself and others that they keep the whole farm locked down most of the time, then he said that he has the code but that they make him keep it under wraps. He’s not allowed to let anyone else into the farm plus Brian says that it’s really weird that they keep a beekeeping plus honey farm locked up tighter than a castle with a moat! I would agree. I don’t believe what they could possibly be keeping so secretive up there but they are doing something! They have a really thriving supplier with their local raw honey, though. Brian takes care of all of that supplier with their online website so that people don’t have to go up there to make their purchases. Brian says that he doesn’t really mind it, though. He says that he would rather stay there than labor with the public more anyway.

Beekeeping residential services

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