I had to get the air cleaner out of the closet

I usually go to the grocery store, although I was sick last week with the flu. I was fighting a cold for a couple of afternoons and then it seemed to settle into my chest. I took some medications, but they did not work well. I was sick on Saturday when I was supposed to go to the grocery store and the laundromat, but everyone needed to wash clothes, so my fiance and our oldest child offered to go to the laundry. I knew that was going to be a disaster, although I could not say no. They were so sweet to offer. I told them to bring all of the clothes back to the home and I would fold them so they were nice and neat just the way that they like. While they were out, they decided to get more fabric softener. we were almost out of the dryer sheets. The guys decided to get a new fabric softener that had a different smell! Both of them liked the smell, but my flu symptoms did not. The new fabric softener makes me sneeze and cough like crazy. I thought I was sneezing and coughing a lot when I was sick, but now I can’t stop. The dust sensitivity reaction was so terrible that I had to go back to the laundromat and rewatch all of the clothes. I had to get rid of that fabric softener. I also got the air cleaner out of the closet and turned that on in the family room. I used to need an air cleaner to sleep every night, but it’s been a long time since I have had to get it out of the closet.

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