This winter, my heating costs are higher than usual

I sincerely hope that climate change isn’t harming people as much as scientists think it is, but I’m probably hoping in vain.

I’ve seen the research, and I think it’s strong, especially in light of what happened to the ozone layer before the harmful propellants in aerosol cans were outlawed globally. We were on the verge of a global catastrophe when the Montreal Protocol was ratified in the late 1980s. I became interested in climate science and initiatives to lessen human impact on global climate change after hearing about it in high school. The outlook for the twenty-first century is gloomy, regrettably. By the end of the century, water levels may have risen to the point where significant portions of the southern coastline would no longer exist. At some point in the future, though the exact day is unknown, we are all doomed. I’m over here right now worrying about how I’m going to pay my energy bills in the future. The price is not only financial but also environmental. Even after factoring in price increases due to inflation, this year’s cost of heating my home has been much higher than usual. I hadn’t anticipated constantly using my electric heater. I believe that climate change is to blame for the warmer summers and colder winters. You cannot escape the consequences, not even if you mysteriously pass away before any additional global crises emerge. However, the destruction brought on by wildfires and storms is unquestionably a result of climate change. I have faith that we will eventually be able to create plans to lessen some of these effects.



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