The farmhouse's HVAC system is no longer the same

Many people desire to change their way of life.

If you had told me ten years ago that I would be living on a farm with animals, I would have laughed. However, that is the world I inhabit. I was diagnosed with cancer four years ago, and I had to undergo chemotherapy. I had to stop and think about my life as a result. Even though I was climbing the corporate ladder, I still found it depressing to go to work every day in our office building. During one of my sessions at the hospital, I handed in my resignation letter. After my sessions were over a year later, I purchased a 15-acre farm in my rural residence that included a farmhouse. Due to the fact that it belonged to a family I knew when I was younger, the entire area made me feel at ease and familiar. Knowing my parents weren’t too far away was also reassuring. When I first moved into my new farmhouse, I first brought in some chickens. The heating and cooling systems of the farmhouse were then fixed. There was an old oil furnace, but it was damaged and couldn’t be used in the winter. I called a nearby heating and cooling company and asked for an inspection. The enormous window air conditioner was finished, as well as the oil furnace. The farmhouse needed to be updated for the new millennium. Because this area needs adequate heating during the winter, I chose a modern oil furnace. In addition, I installed a ductless heat pump for those hot summer days. The farmhouse is different now, despite the fact that neither investment was cheap. Additionally, I think that my mind, body, and soul are having different experiences.


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