In the South, we use air conditioning during the winter

I was born and raised in the north, moving to the south when I was four years old. It really didn’t affect me that much because I was so young. My grandfather’s vacation condo on the waterway near the beach was made available to my parents. While swimming in the pool behind the building, I distinctly recall my first lizard sightings. I’m happy that my parents started teaching me to swim when I was a young child because it’s one of my all-time favorite activities. I first saw the ocean on that trip as well, and I’ll never forget the strange lagoons that recently formed along the beaches as a result of storm activity. Like little natural causeways running parallel to the coastline, there were essentially sand bars that were so high up that they were exposed to the air. In all the years I’ve lived close to the beach, I’ve never witnessed anything like it. After doing some research online, I learned that there are many instances of these exposed sandbars in different parts of the state and that low tide is when you are most likely to see them. The one constant about living down here is the possibility of high temperatures. No matter the weather, our summers are brutal, and you must have a good air conditioner to stay cool. The extreme weather we experience in the south means that it’s possible for temperatures to reach the 80s for weeks at a time during the winter. Having to use an air conditioner in the winter is a hassle.

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