Everything with air conditioner tech just clicked with me

Looking back at some of the decisions I made, I have regrets, then i believe we all experience regret from time to time, however our greatest regret was letting other people push me around, enough where I started living what they thought an ideal life for me would be, instead of what I longed for in our heart, then when I was growing up, I had several skills… A bit of craftsmanship, animal care plus technology to name a few, however one of our number ones was working on HVAC machines though.

I discovered our love for working on HVAC component when ours broke one day, plus our uncle who is usually fine at repairs was unsure how to fix it, then even though I had zero experience, I was still able to repair the HVAC unit.

Now sincerely that is not something you should do if you have zero experience, although I didn’t believe that back then. Although I actively enjoy HVAC work, our parents thought I would make a better professor, the reason being because I worked actually well with youngsters. That was true, however even though I liked working with youngsters, I did not want to have that as a job. This angered our parents, plus they kept pushing until I finally provided in plus agreed to become a professor. I became a high university professor for 30 years, until recently when I quit. During that time, I hated it. I always felt unhappy plus hated the material I taught. Occasionally I suppose enjoy I didn’t even understand what I was teaching to our students myself. Ever since I became an air conditioner worker that has changed, I am happier than ever, plus it just makes sense to me.


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