Calling my dad and cleaning my filter

I will call my Dad later this evening and also maybe play some music on the rooftop and sing with my sound system.

I live in a three story building and we have access to the rooftop, so I know I could bring my sound system up there and sing without bothering the people in the building.

The woman above me is a flight attendant and is gone most of the month. So if I play above her apartment I don’t think anyone in my building would be bothered by my singing practice, but the rooftop has the Heating and Air Conditioning compressors up there, which heat and cool all various units in my building. There is a lot of space up there and I think it could be a good place to practice my songs, at least during winter when most people have their windows closed up. I have my central gas furnace system running right now in my living room to try and heat it up a bit, as my little space heating system wasn’t doing the work well enough. I know we have about three more months of cold weather before the heat starts to come back and summer time once more returns. I won’t need an air conditioner for a while because it usually doesn’t get hot enough to warrant it until about the middle of June. I am interested to see how much my next power bill is going to be as I haven’t been using my heat much the past 2 months except for the past few nights while it has been absolutely freezing out.

Space heater

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