I was terrified at the sight of him.

Animals rarely cause myself and others to be fearful, but Last year was unusual. I went to a house to work on their natural gas furnace, and knew ahead of time that they had a pet. That pet wasn’t just any pet; it stood in the window when I first got to the house, and that window was at least 6 feet off the ground. The dog was looking out at me, and I could see the drool coming off her mouth. I could hear the dog growl and scratch at the front door when I rang the doorbell. I heard a woman yell to someone to get the dog under control while she got the Heating and Air Conditioning worker into the house, and my guts were shaking and I was trembling at the thought of going into that house. When I got inside, the woman was holding onto the pet and she was jumping. I stayed behind the woman until I got to the basement door, and then she shoved myself and others inside and shut the door. She tried to tell myself and others the pet wasn’t dangerous, although she liked to play around and I looked enjoy a current friend. I wasn’t overly fond of pets, gut this one seemed quite dangerous. When I got done with the gas furnace, I knocked on the door, and the same woman opened it. I saw the dog come rushing around the door. I didn’t even get to the door when the immense dog pounced on me. She licked our face so much that I could guess the drool and slobber coming down our neck. I found out I wasn’t the only Heating and Air Conditioning tech who was attacked by this pet and nearly drowned by her slobber while being licked nearly to death.

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