I Learned About HVAC Maintenance From an HVAC Worker

When I got my first car, my mom offered me one major piece of advice about it.

  • She said no matter what, I should get my oil changed on a regular basis.

If I did no other maintenance on the car, getting the oil changed will keep it running longer. Of course, I have done other maintenance on my car as well, however the oil change is something that I have never skipped. And she was right, over the years I have owned a couple of cars and had no major issues with any of them. A regular oil change after every 6,000 miles kept my maintenance cost on my cars low. In addition to my car, I applied this concept to my HVAC system. I get it checked at least once per year by a licensed HVAC specialist. This advice did not come from my mom, instead it came from my first HVAC repair girl when I was about 21 years old. I had just moved into a townhome and had no clue about HVAC maintenance. It wasn’t until the component broke down and I had my first encounter with the HVAC tech, that I learned all about HVAC maintenance. She explained that the HEPA filter should be changed every 10 weeks, plus she even taught myself and others how to detach and install the HEPA air filter. And just like my mom did, she offered myself and others some major advice that I still follow to this day. She told us that no matter what, I should get my HVAC tested at least once per year. I have been doing that since I was 25 years old and I have never had any major issues with my HVAC units.


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