Back in the states

I have about a half an hour of toil to go with these articles & after that I can relax the rest of the morning.

I am back here in the States for a three week visit, but the only difference this time is that I have no wheels to get around.

I am going to use the Lyft business to take myself and others around & am going to try & keep my spending under $300 for the next three weeks using them. There are a lot of local businesss which rent cars here, but they want $1500 or more for a bi-weekly car rental & I just don’t want to pay that. I don’t savor air conditioning in a car & don’t mind getting rides in ancient beat up cars, so getting rides from companies that aren’t professional people movers doesn’t matter to myself and others so much. I can get around most places in town here for $10 using Lyft & should be enjoyable running around here & there some. My one neighbor is a local business & he may even have a car I can borrow for a week or so while I am here. I don’t know what kind of ride it is, but if it is free then it entirely doesn’t matter that much to me, but the weather here doesn’t entirely warrant heating or air conditioning, so even if I am riding a piece of junk car it is just enjoyable with me. I just don’t want something that is going to chop down all of the time while I have it.
ductless multi split

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