Need to upgrade the HVAC unit to get this house sold

It’s not that I’m never wrong.

That’s not it at all because I’m incorrect a lot more than I would prefer to be.

But when I’m wrong, it seems like I’m really way wrong. That was certainly the case when I was sure I was right about not putting more money into the house that we were moving from. This was just counterintuitive to me and I really wasn’t about to have any of it. Like why would I tear out working HVAC equipment to upgrade the residential HVAC and then move out?. It just didn’t make any logical sense to me. I understood the supposed logic of spending money in order to make a pile of money on our house. Still, I thought with the booming real estate market, weren’t we supposed to get a ton of money anyway? At least that’s the way it was sounding from everybody I talked with. I probably should have paid attention to my dad’s old saying of don’t believe everything you hear. So when the realtor whipped out a long list of upgrades which included the residential HVAC, I pushed back. I finally convinced my wife to just get the house listed and then see if we can get what we wanted for it. And that was where I made a huge mistake. We cleaned out, painted and staged the house so it was its most attractive. We even lowered the price compared to other houses like ours. Then our house sat for months with very few potential buyers looking at it. Yet, once we upgraded the HVAC equipment, our house sold within a couple of weeks. Like I said, when I’m wrong I’m way wrong.

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