Leftovers made my stomach feel really full

I felt better the next day

The best part about Thanksgiving is having all of the leftovers. There are lots of great foods that my family and I make each year like sweet potato souffle, baked macaroni and cheese, stuffing, and green bean casserole. A lot of people in my family get together at one house and we all bring our favorite foods. My sister made a couple of different things this year and she brought them to the house. I had some of the casserole that she made. I didn’t get sick on thanksgiving, but I took some of that casserole home and I ate it the next day. It did not agree with my stomach at all. The casserole was the only thing that I had eaten that morning. It had mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, spinach, and green peppers. It also had some type of egg mixture. It was really tasty, even after going into the oven for a couple of minutes. I enjoyed every bite of the casserole and my stomach was feeling really full after I was done eating. I sat in the easy chair for a while hoping that my stomach would feel better. Unfortunately, my stomach rejected the food and I was in the bathroom about an hour later. I never called my sister to tell her about the casserole. I felt better the next day. I didn’t miss any work at the heat pump repair company. I had a full day of heat pump repairs and I had lots of energy after eating all of that food on thanksgiving. It’s a good thing too, because later that week my own furnace broke down and I was up all night repairing it.


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