Had to find the space heaters

I made my way into the house center the other week and asked where they kept their space heaters… The space gas furnace I kept in my mother’s room had died earlier that week, and I wanted to get a modern one… I had to wait until I got paid before I could purchase the space heater.

Then when I asked the salesperson about the space heaters, she gave me an odd look, but she asked me if I was serious.

With the cold wave, most people were coming in for a space heater, in case their furnace died. The temperatures dropped almost twenty degrees in less than a day. Of course, my mother was getting older and she could not handle the cold. I wanted to make sure she had a space furnace to help compensate for the cold. I found one space heater, however it didn’t have all the safety features I would have preferred. I wanted to make sure it had tip-over so that when the space furnace got pushed over, it would automatically shut off. I wanted to make sure the space furnace didn’t need any fuel. It petrified me that she would get up in the morning and bump into the space furnace and burn herself or the home down. I wanted nothing to happen to my mother. She asked when I needed the space furnace and I told her I wanted it that day. She told me where to go to find the space furnace and walked away. I walked out of the store and headed a few miles to their other store. I found the space furnace I wanted, and I took it back to my mom.
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