Spontaneous detour leads to lodging find with awesome air conditioning

My wife was right, I was just so predictable.

There was no argument to be made when she stated her case. At first, I thought that I was sort of cool and on top of it. But when she pointed out the obvious, it was tough to feel that cool. For sure, I get up and go to the office and work all day inside the zone controlled HVAC of the office. Then, I hit the gym on the way home to work out in their commercial HVAC which is so on point by the way. From there, it’s home to my central air conditioning and that would be my day. But the thing that was pointed out was that’s my day over and over and over. The spontaneous thing that I once had and thought I still sort of had was just gone. It’s not like I was hating my life or anything even close to that. Yet when my wife called me predictable, I bristled. I was sure that I was still sort of vibrant and cool. But that was in my head. The facts were the facts. So this summer, we had to go up to be part of a family reunion with her folks. We were meeting in a place we hadn’t been to and were planning on finding a room about an hour from the site. Well, I showed her some spontaneity when I guided our car with the air conditioning blasting onto a country road neither of us knew anything about. I just knew that it was headed right toward where we were going and that the air conditioning in the car would hold out. But ended up finding the funkiest motel with the best air conditioning ever.



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