Letting go plus letting the smart thermostat run the show

It’s gotten a bit hectic again but I’m trying to let go of things where I can.

The older I get the more convinced I become that this life is all about evolving. Without growth plus change, life is bitter plus flat. This is a truth that is difficult for myself and others to put into practice but I’m trying. My life is generally pretty crazy. Between all the thirds I put in inside the zone controlled Heating plus A/C of the office plus our family, I’m pretty much pressed. And I promised myself that if I got through having to be cooped up inside the quality heating plus air of our home, I wouldn’t get all tied up again. I can remember just being at lake beach house in the central air conditioning of our house. That was something that was both the worst plus a godsend at the same time. Of course, laboring from our own air conditioning wasn’t great, but and not being able to do much of anything aside from getting out of the air conditioning for a walk a few times a day wasn’t good either. But the fact is that I slowed down. There weren’t all these excessive demands on our time plus energy. This helped myself and others remember that I’m just human. And I swore that I would carry that forward into the new normal. It’s gotten a bit hectic again but I’m trying to let go of things where I can. Like I’m letting the smart thermostat take complete control of the Heating plus A/C equipment. I’m just not going to worry or over suppose it. The Heating plus A/C smart thermostat is now in charge.

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