Glad I listened to the real estate expert when it came to HVAC upgrade

The general disdain for experts has sort of caught my attention.

There seems to be this general feeling that all experts should not be trusted.

Of course, that’s completely overstating it but there is this undertone that exists. So many in our society distrust experts just because they’re experts. And I had to catch myself a bit when the real estate expert suggested that we upgrade the HVAC equipment prior to listing our home. After watching so many just toss away the advice from experts regarding Covid, I wondered if I too was just tossing away expert advice. The fact was that I just really didn’t want to deal with the cost outlay or the hassle of replacing a still working HVAC unit. And the still working part was integral to my thinking as I just hate waste. Plus, I had spent money over the years on consistent, seasonal HVAC maintenance in order to have that HVAC unit run into its twenties. Still, I did catch myself before I vociferously pushed back on the idea of replacing the heating and cooling equipment. And that was a good thing. Because no sooner had the realtor registered my resistance than she was whipping out a laptop. There, she showed me all the data I needed to see to show that this real estate expert knew exactly what she was talking about. Putting in the latest in residential HVAC and HVAC technology would not only be a key selling point but would also jack up the value exponentially. She was right and we sold the house for a bundle.

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