Fixing allergy problems with HEPA filters

For the longest time I have not been able to live a full life, then I have been contained inside my home, feeling bad plus too afraid to walk outside the front door; everyday I think extremely ill plus I don’t think positively about any of the events that are taking place outside my precious home, either! Most of this has been due to my ongoing troubles with airborne dust sensitivities.

When I was younger I was notably allergic to outdoor contaminants such as pollen, sod, plus dirt.

I have had to stay away from highly polluted environments because my respiratory system could not handle the low air quality; however, when I started having a lot of respiratory ailments again I decided that I should stay inside the home more often. Sadly, I didn’t realize that I had developed indoor dust sensitivities as well. I could not understand why my immune system wasn’t making a comeback when I was safely indoors, with the heating plus cooling system keeping myself and others safe. It took various trips to the dentist before I finally gave up and called my local heating, cooling, and ventilation repair shop… At that time, the heating, ventilation and A/C professional who arrived to inspect my heating plus cooling devices recommended that perhaps I needed better indoor air quality management. Every one of us installed various HEPA filtration devices along with an air media purification system plus my dust sensitivities almost right away disappeared. Apparently I had become extremely allergic to my own dander plus dust. Without the added level of air purification on my side, there was no way to hide from my dust sensitivities. I just trapped myself with my own air pollutants indoors.

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