An electrical storm knocked out our air conditioner

I’ve been waiting forever to get our air conditioning fixed! It is the middle of July and our Heating and A/C plan went out on myself and others completely without any warning whatsoever.

It all started yeahterday afternoon when there was a freak dire thunderstorm. It just kind of rolled up and roared overhead, dumping a bunch of rain and causing power outages and ultimately electrical problems in our home. The wiring for our air conditioner, in certain, was destructiond. I take superb care of our Heating and A/C plan and have service done on it on the regular, but this was something that I could not have foreseen, but perhaps if I had signed up for an emergency Heating and A/C repair plan, then I would not have much to fear about how much it’s going to cost myself and others to get this fixed. I’ve been told by our Heating and A/C provider that proper service and emergency visit plans were available, but I had decided that it was not within our budget to spend the extra money on a bi-weekly basis. Now I will be charged full price for this unforeseen catastrophe! That may be rough, but at least I think that I can rely on our Heating and A/C business to take care of the concern in an effective and professional manner. I have already made the call and the serviceman will be out in several afternoons. He apologized for the delay, citing that there were similar concerns around neighborhood caused by the storm. I think I’ll just have to rely on our trusty fans to get myself and others through the night in the meantime. Good thing our other electronics devices still work!



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