The sauna is always packed at my local gym

After completing my cardio exercises, I head downstairs to the weightlifting area.

I’m not a fan of sweating because I come by it so easily. I was told that it’s genetic because my grandfather always said that he and his kids would sweat more than most people. I hated having a drenched shirt every time I would hang out with my friends outdoors during our summer vacations. When we played street hockey I got in the habit of wearing black shirts to hide the sweat as much as possible, but it wasn’t nearly impossible. Instead, I would usually bring a couple of spare t-shirts in a small backpack with my water bottles. At least we were all outside and getting the exercise we needed back then. Nowadays my kids would rather stay inside and play games on their tablets than go outside and play street hockey, soccer, or basketball. Even when I buy them equipment to play games with their friends, I feel like I have to force them to try it out. I don’t have a choice but to go to the local gym if I want to get the same kind of exercise that I got when I was their age. Usually I use the rowing machine, treadmill, and elliptical. After completing my cardio exercises, I head downstairs to the weightlifting area. If I’m lucky I can stop by the sauna in the locker rooms before leaving the fitness center, but the sauna is so popular here at my local gym that there is often no room for more people. I’ll open the door and see absolutely no room to sit down, at which point I turn around and leave the gym. They need to add another steam room to each locker room or expand the existing ones to meet the demand of all the guests at the fitness center.

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