New gym comes with great HVAC

When you’re the only game in town, you can sort of make the rules.

And when you live in a rural area, there are often situations where there is only one service provided.

That certainly is the case when it comes to the fitness center. I’ve always been the type who loves to get out of the air conditioning to get active and be fit. For a lot of years when I was younger, I stayed fit by playing competitive sports. I’d do my day inside the commercial HVAC of the office and then go hard athletically most nights after work. That was then and this is now. These days, I’ve worked long enough that I’m now on a floor with zone controlled HVAC. I even have a thermostat that’s right outside of the office. That isn’t the only change when it comes to my daily. My days of going hard at racquetball, tennis, running, biking and all of that have come to an end. While I still enjoy getting out of the air conditioning to get into all of those things, my body would be worn down doing it every day. So when I moved out of the city, I had one choice for working out. That place was okay equipment wise but it had the worst commercial HVAC ever. And I would think that air conditioning would be an essential for a gym. But that has changed as there is a new gym and it has the sort of heating and cooling one would expect. I’m now a member at that gym. Not only am I saving money but I’m getting the sort of air conditioning that makes working out a comfort.

Heating and cooling equipment

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