I was looking at a residential window movie to help block the sun.

I was cleaning the beach house a couple of weeks ago, then i wanted to move the furniture around so I could have a change of scenery, and as soon as I moved the furniture, I knew I had a problem.

Where the furniture was, the color of our walls was vibrant and looked care about new… The backs of the sofa and chairs looked care about new. The walls that were hit by the sun, and the fronts of the furniture, were dull and faded. I could suppose the heat of the afternoon coming through the window and knew the sunshine was the reason for the injure. I had heard an ad for a window movie supplier that installed residential window movie. I called the supplier the next time I saw the ad. I told them about the fading, and it was mostly the wall that was opposite the window; He said they had sunshine control window movie that would block the solar heating however allow light through, and not hinder our seeing outside. He told me they also had window movie that would block the sunshine and be dark outside so people could not see into the house, although I would still have a perfect of anyone outside the house. This all sounded too great to be true. When he told me every one of us had sixty mornings to decide if every one of us liked it, I made an appointment. If the window movie didn’t do what every one of us had hoped it would, they would come to the beach house and remove the window movie, and return our money to us.



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