I quit wondering what if, when I signed up for HVAC class.

Ever since I realized I would soon be out of high school, I had been wondering what my life was going to be like now.

I knew I would probably never see most of these people again.

Guys I had joked around with in the hallways, were heading to college or going into the military. Some of the girls I dated were going to college and making their own life. I was sad, but what was saddest is that I had no plans for my future. I told mom and dad I wanted to take a year off and decide what I wanted to do, but I was fairly sure I didn’t want to go to college. It was only August, and I had been out of school for two months. I was bored with sitting home, and everyone I was friends with already had plans. I sat in my room and starting watching television. I saw an advertisement for an HVAC company. Dad had once said my grandpa was an HVAC tech when he was younger, and I thought this could be a career for me. I talked to dad about going to HVAC classes, and he was pleased I was considering my options. I asked if he would go to the college with me to sign up for HVAC classes? He chuckled and asked if I wanted him or his credit card? I told him I would appreciate both, but I mostly wanted his support when I asked about HVAC classes. To my surprise, they had me take the preliminary knowledge test they give to all applicants, while I was there. I’m starting HVAC classes in two weeks.


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