I joined a yoga class at my fitness center recently

I started meditating years before I ever tried cannabis.

  • However, it seems that all of my friends who are crazy about cannabis also happen to meditate.

I can see the correlation, because meditation can be about mind expansion as much as it is about mindfulness and serenity. Some of the books I read would go into extreme detail regarding these complex philosophical concepts from Buddhism and Hinduism, but I struggled to understand these notions at that age. I feel closer to a full understanding at this age, but it’s still slightly out of reach. My meditation practices continued through college and into my adulthood. I do it before and after work during the week and whenever I have time on the weekends. Since they’re often combined, I recently became interested in yoga as well. I signed up for a gym membership at a local fitness center and was immediately interested in the idea of joining one of the biweekly yoga classes. It’s a lot of fun and I’m already meeting friends. I’m finding a lot more people interested in joining gyms these days as the pandemic slowly improves. There are always people interested in the yoga classes, but we reached capacity right after I joined it myself. I got extremely lucky with my timing or I would have had to wait until another spot opened in the yoga class at my fitness center. Cross fit classes at our fitness center aren’t as popular as they used to be, at least that’s what some of my friends in the yoga class tell me. Since I live in a large city, this is a busy gym with lots of people coming and going all day long from open to close.

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