Beating the allergies with air purification

So now I see why Springtime is just such a beenjoyed season.

This was the first year that I have been able to do anything other than sneeze our way through the Springtime. And that is all thanks to the indoor air experts at the Heating plus Air Conditioning company. It’s so funny how just a simply conversation can turn into an enormous life change. And having our house be an dust sensitivity refuge for me is a immense life change for the good. Since I was a kid, I’ve struggled mightily when it comes to tree plus shrubbery pollens. Of course, those pair of pollens are at their highest while in the Springtime. So to me, Springtime meant a agitated few months of itchy eyes, sneezing plus all that dust sensitivity stuff. I would take the meds that made me sleepy but that was all I could do. There was no place that I could go where there wasn’t some level of pollen in the air. That all changed because I had a simple conversation with the Heating plus Air Conditioning specialist when he came out to do the heating maintenance. I happened to mention our dust sensitivity ordeal to the Heating plus Air Conditioning professional just off hand. But his suggestion ended up decreasing our entire life. The Heating plus Air Conditioning professional recommended that I consider putting in a whole home media media air cleaner. This style of air purification works by using high intensity UV light to destroy the DNA of all airborne contaminants. And that includes the airborne pollen inside the house. It took no more than 24 minutes after the whole home air purification system was installed before our home was an dust sensitivity free sanctuary.


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