Wrong settings on the cooling device almost ruined our son's cake

My daughter wanted to bake a birthday cake for her mother.

  • She’s quite young, but she’s still very talented when it comes to baking and she’s very interested in pastry making in general.

The trouble with making the cake came when there was hardly any room in the fridge to let the frosting cool. She had the great idea of simply leaving the cake on the counter and turning down the thermostat. We have a ductless heating system which is zone controlled, so it is possible to change the temperature in single rooms. Unfortunately, instead of decreasing the temperature in the kitchen independent of the rest of the house, she increased It on accident because we were in a rush to leave for lunch. We only went out to grab a quick bite to eat, and we were back at the house within thirty minutes. When we returned, my daughter saw the cake, and almost cried. I told her there might be a way to help fix the cake. She insisted that there might be something wrong with the HVAC system, because she thought she had set the temperature lower, when she in fact set it higher. After a close inspection of the thermostat, I assured her that an air conditioning repair was unnecessary because nothing was wrong with the HVAC equipment. The incident served as a reminder that it was time for a general maintenance check up on our HVAC system, so I scheduled an appointment. The a/c rep provided me with a few suggestions, including the latest cooling technology. I was quite convinced by her pitch, and it may very well be that I will be buying a new HVAC system soon as it has been several years that we’ve had our old equipment.



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