Sleeping Cats plus Warm Space Heaters

I am living in a land of fluff today with our radiant oil furnace putting out the heat plus many fluffy cats sleeping at our feet. Actually, Baby just jumped up on our chest for a nap as she is easily loveable plus loves to be near me. I rescued them both from a field that was going to be turned into some apartments soon, which actually would be the end for many of the kittens that were born there. I recognize there were more than seven kittens at the start however a couple died from cars. The local supplier said they could repair both cats in a few months for under a hundred bucks so I am going to do it as soon as the time comes. I labor at the local HVAC supplier plus they just got in some modern washable HEPA filters which fit our idea so I am going to get a couple of them so that it helps with our pollen irritations to cats. I’ve been using disposable filters for several years plus am glad to now be making the switch to 1s that are better for the planet. I don’t guess how several AC filters I’ve thrown away however it actually numbers close to 100. I will use washable HEPA filters from now on for as long as I have an a/c or oil furnace in our house. I will even use them if I have a portable heating or cooling system, I am just done with creating any more waste on this planet than I have to.


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