Recently, my boyfriend began weightlifting

My boyfriend decided to start lifting weights at the gym.

While working out, he met this personal trainer, and they became really good friends.

My boyfriend Jason has never lifted weights before. He has always been fit, but not a bulky person, so I was a bit shocked when he told me he wanted to start weightlifting. He began his routine a few weeks ago, and part of his new workout program includes drinking protein shakes. He tried drinking protein shakes about a year ago and he did not like them at all. In fact, we still have a few open containers in our pantry that we probably should throw away, but we haven’t. I can’t imagine that they are still good after being open for so long. And sure enough, my boyfriend went out and purchased new protein shakes. The ones that he purchased were recommended by his personal trainer friend. If he doesn’t like the taste of the new shakes, I will have to find ways to make them taste better, so that he will drink them. For instance, I can add fruits like bananas and apples to the shakes or I could even try adding some spinach and turn it into a green smoothie. The last time we tried this it didn’t work as Jason did not care for the taste at all. I hope the new ones have a better taste and that he’s able to stick with them as well as with his new weightlifting workout routine. I believe having a personal trainer will make it easier for him this time around.

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