My proprietor had to install a new water heater

I am entirely great about paying attention the unusual appliances in my home… For instance, when the dishwasher broke, I instantly contacted my proprietor to have it repaired; I also change the air filter to my air conditioner every 3 months; However, a water gas furnace is not an device that I believe about.

In fact, I didn’t realize that I should be performing maintenance on a water heater, similar to what we do for Heating & Air Conditioning systems.

It is requested that we perform maintenance on a tepid water gas furnace at least once per year… This will extend the life of the device and make it more energy efficient, however well, I have lived in my condo for about 3 years now, and my proprietor has never ran tests on the unit… So, when it malfunctioned it shouldn’t have been a surprise to him. She contacted a plumber because she assumed that she could get it repaired. Unfortunately, the plumber was unable to maintenance the unit. Instead, my proprietor had to purchase a brand new tepid water gas furnace and had the plumber install it. The entire process took three mornings to get resolved. So, I didn’t have tepid water for almost three mornings. Thankfully, it happened in the middle of the Summer, so it wasn’t too bad, but anyway, after the plumber installed the new unit, she provided my proprietor instruction on how to perform a yearly maintenance on the tepid water heater. The great thing is, no plumber is needed to perform the service. It can be done by my proprietor. I hope that she does perform the yearly maintenance on the tepid water gas furnace because it will help to extend the life of the equipment.

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