My Central Air Conditioning is Purring Like a Kitten

I have a brand new central heating plus air conditioner plan plus it is running so well.

I just need to keep the HEPA filter disinfect plus it will do the rest.

I did have the drain tube under the air handler back up a couple of times plus leak onto my powder room floor but the HVAC techs came out plus fixed it immediately. They told me if it happens again to exhausting bleach down the inlet opening that they installed plus it should service the concern in a few minutes. It’s just that drain pan that fills up under the cooling system when the tube is congested so it is an easy service if I just keep the tube disinfect plus free of mildew plus mold buildup. I am going to pour bleach in the tube every month or so to keep the tube disinfect plus that should solve the leaking concern for good. I’m going to let the HVAC techs do the air duct cleaning when the time comes because that is just too much for me, given that I am highly allergic to dust plus pollen. I have enough on my hands with the songwriting plus music editing I am doing for our band. I am pretty ecstatic with the air quality in my flat plus have the HVAC crew to thank for teaching me how to keep it running smoothly by keeping everything tuned up plus disinfect in the unit. I have a service system with the HVAC supplier so I am covered for years.

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