Learning more about air conditioning to catch someone's interest

There’s this woman who frequents the coffee shop that I spend a lot of time in just about every day.

I found her very attractive, but I hadn’t approached her yet.

One day, however, I saw my chance. I overheard her having a conversation with a friend in the next booth about how she desperately needed her air conditioner fixed. It took me until the point that she was walking out, but I finally approached her and introduced myself. I apologized for eavesdropping on her conversation, but I revealed that I was an HVAC technician who might be able to help her with her unit. It was a lie. I had a novice level of knowledge about HVAC at best, having done a little research and watched carefully and asked questions whenever I had an appointment with an HVAC technician. The other time was when I was at a friend’s house when she had her entire HVAC system updated. I almost wish I hadn’t offered my help, knowing so little, but I was a man on a mission. I set out to learn more about air conditioning and had three days to do it. I called a neighbor who works in the air conditioning business and probed him with endless questions. The more I talked with him, the more I realized that HVAC work was quite complicated, and I began to worry that I would not be able to truly assist this woman. I tried listening intently and taking notes, but at the end of the conversation, I felt like I had learned very little. There was only so much that I could grasp. In the end, my HVAC technician neighbor volunteered to help me once I revealed why I had called him. When the day came, my crush discovered that her HVAC system only needed a slight tune up. We had a pleasant conversation. I got her number, and we will have our first date a week from now!

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