How to Talk to a Ghost when You are Scared to Death of Her

There is a little voice inside of myself and others that tells myself and others what to do plus what not to do plus I am exhausted of it bossing myself and others around.

I suppose it is the voice of fear plus it has been keeping myself and others from doing things that I later regretted not doing. Like talking to this pretty lady who works near our flat. I guess that if I let it pass myself and others by it will haunt myself and others down the road because she is always being nice to myself and others plus saying hi even though I just keep on passing by because of fear. My HVAC tech neighbor told myself and others to just go up plus talk to her so I am going to do just that. I suppose it is spine-chilling because of her beauty, however if I keep letting that stop myself and others I will end up alone plus bitter. I meet a lot of people at the HVAC company where I labor however nobody interests myself and others like the lady by our flat. They all just kind of fall into the same nothingness except for her. Maybe 1 afternoon she’ll wander into the HVAC supplier for a HEPA filter or something, however if I wait till after that I could be 79 years old, but life is always giving myself and others possibilities plus several times I let them pass because of that little voice of fear. I will challenge that fear this time with action. I also need to take action with our mini chop a/c because it is not running well anymore plus needs to be took care of.



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