An air conditioning appointment with a pastor

I had just finished installing a thermostat in a neighborhood nearby, which was the only task I had scheduled today.

I intended to have the rest of the day off to celebrate my son’s birthday and catch up on some much-needed family time. My son is our only child at this point, though we’re trying for more, and we dote on him a lot. On my way home, I was called by my pastor, which was a bit surprising. He graciously asked if I could spare some time to take a look at his air conditioner, and see if it needed repair. He further explained that cooling was not even throughout the rooms of his house, which made him suspect something was wrong with the air conditioning unit. He knew I worked as a cooling specialist when I was part of the crew that did the air conditioning upgrade in the church just a few years ago. I helped him decide what cooling system might be best for the church. In the end, he was able to make an informed decision. He opted for a zone control system for the church. Certain rooms wouldn’t be used during services, so I had suggested that this was the way to go. I also custom-tailored for him the perfect air conditioning tune-up plan, including air conditioning filter replacements. The modern cooling device we installed used top of the line cooling technology. As for the current task at hand, I informed him that my schedule was all tied up for the day. However, I would be available the very next day.

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