A corporate wellness program is beneficial for employees

Recently, my company implemented a corporate wellness program because they would like us to take better care of ourselves.

  • Wellness and fitness have been part of their focus especially after we lost a few coworkers during the pandemic because they weren’t in the best of health.

So as an organization, we have all decided to commit to becoming healthier. Part of this health and wellness plan is a weight loss challenge, and the winner of the challenge will get a cash prize of $250. The challenge is optional, but I have joined because I could use that extra cash. In addition to the weight loss challenge, we have all made a commitment to eat healthier lunches. And for our office lunch meetings, we will no longer get pizza which was something that we ate often because it was easy. We will now order more salads and healthy sandwiches for our lunch meetings. This nutritional program is completely voluntary so if at any time there is something that I choose not to do I can opt out with no penalty. This takes a lot of pressure off, but I think I will be sticking to it. Another part of the plan is to install a gym inside the office. We have the space for a full workout facility, so that will be the next phase of the plan. Until we get the gym installed, my company has offered to pay for half of our gym memberships for 6 months. If you already have a paid gym membership, they will still reimburse you for half of it. How awesome is that? Because of all the perks, most employees have agreed to this corporate wellness program, and it will be beneficial in the long run.

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