You certainly don’t want to renege on a promise made to my wife

She spoke with the owner of the company too and said we were promised the price were be cheaper

When I had an HVAC professional come out to the house so we could talk about getting a new heating system installed, the guy was very polite and professional. My wife was there too because she wanted to have a say in what new HVAC we would go for. She spoke of always wanting to get radiant heated floors in the house, and the HVAC professional said fortunately for us, there was a deal in radiant heated flooring installations through their company. He said the deal wouldn’t last for much longer so it would be a good idea to go for it while we could. My wife said if we were going to commit to this new heating system installation, then he better be clear on what the price was going to be. We have been working with a strict budget and we also knew this heating system installation was going to be costly and we couldn’t afford any room for errors in the amount it would cost. Well, the guy gave us a quote and said it shouldn’t be much more than that. My wife told this man to promise us it wouldn’t be more than that. While he hesitated, he finally made a promise that the cost wouldn’t be any more than what he wrote down on the quote. Well, when the professionals finished the installation and tried charging us an extra $1,000, my wife freaked out. She spoke with the owner of the company too and said we were promised the price were be cheaper. While we could afford the higher cost, it was about ethics and principles. The owner apologized for upsetting us, and he took that additional $1,000 off the final price and that cleared everything up!

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