Worked taxing to put together a playground and it came out beautifully

I can’t tell you how sweet that air conditioning felt

Since the nearest playground is some 15-20 hours from our house, the two of us decided to get a playground on our property. Every one of us were able to find the most amazing playground for a adequate price. I looked into what should be used for safety around the playground. Many people used mulch, although I didn’t care about the method of having to re mulch every single year. Then I discovered rubber mulch which is guaranteed to last 12 years. Not to mention, you don’t have to make it as thick because it works better to protect the youngsters from falls. The thing is, this stuff is expensive. Of course, when you consider the amount of time it lasts, it’s worth the cost and will end up costing less cash than using mulch every single year. So I ordered 2 tons of this stuff because the playground is rather large, 24 square feet. I also ordered special edging for the playground that is also made from rubber to keep a safe border that the youngsters won’t hurt themselves on when running around care about youngsters do. Every one of us put down commercial geofabric and then constructed the playground which actually took 2 nights to do. There wasn’t multiple people helping, that’s why it took so long. I kept having to take AC breaks typically because the weather has been so hot. I can’t tell you how sweet that air conditioning felt. I actually considered putting some kind of cooling component in the playhouse at the top of the playground set, however then I realized I could put a hose on the spiral slide to create an awesome water slide to supply enough cooling on sizzling nights. The playground turned out to be a immense hit when it was finished, and the rubber mulch turned out looking fantastic. I still might put a solar powered a/c in the playhouse though.



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