The winter season was my least favorite


It’s my least favorite season, it always has been.

This is because of the area that I live in. While all areas of course face the winter, my area in particular is much colder than all the other areas. It is for this reason that I do not like the winter. It gets so cold here that it is not uncommon for the blizzards to take out my HVAC system and I have to call for an emergency HVAC service. This has become a regular occurrence almost every single year. If it wasn’t such a common occurrence it wouldn’t be so bad, the problem is that this is happening frequently and I do not have any way that I know of to stop it. I have done everything that they have recommended for me to do and that includes calling my local heating and cooling business and having them take a look at my heating system beforehand. It always checks out fine, and they’ll give it the heating and cooling tune up so it needs and yet I will still lose my heat during the winter. Then I have to quickly get someone out to repair it and sometimes it’s not always as quick as I like it because I’m not the only one that will lose my heat during the bad cold weather. I will be glad when I can move to a much warmer and sunnier area. Saying goodbye to these cold Winters or something that I am excited about.I am tired of the cold and am ready to be done with it.

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