Running out of stock on Heating & Air Conditioning products

My fiance and I run a local heating and A/C business, one of the concerns that every one of us have been having recently with our Heating & Air Conditioning supplier is that every one of us are selling out of products faster than I can stock them.

I guess this is because of the section that I live in, we’re in a smaller community and as such every one of us are one of the only Heating & Air Conditioning dealers around and because there has also a colder section everybody is consistently rushing to us while in the Winter time weeks to get all the heating products I need, however to resolve so many people buying our products, it isn’ttoo unrespected for us to run out.

I am trying to order more of the heating products from the business, but even they are having shortages. As much as I do not love to do it, because there is a shortage on the heating products every one of us had to raise the prices. I thought that because every one of us had raised the prices that every one of us would end up losing some business, and while every one of us legitimately did lose a few patrons every one of us still have people that were rushing to the store to buy our Heating and cooling products and this was surprising to us. It was a pleasant surprise actually though because it showed just how well our supplier was doing, thankfully now that every one of us had a little extra cash every one of us were able to do better at keeping the shelf stock with all the Heating & Air Conditioning products that the people in the community needed.

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