I was bothered about how much a new cooling system would cost

I was worried about how much it would be to have a new cooling system installed in our house after we bought the place.

We mostly wanted the place because it is in a rural location and is relatively private.

Not to mention, there’s a good amount of land and we’ve never owned so much land before. There were a few issues with the house though like a few leaks in the roof and no central cooling system. The previous owners simply used window AC units and I don’t think we can just get by using those unless we want to pay a small fortune on the energy bills. Fortunately, the local contractor I reached out to was able to give us a quote for a ductless multi-split system. I didn’t even know what this system was when he first started talking about it, but he explained it is a ductless system that is highly energy efficient and will cover all our heating and cooling needs. We already had a good boiler system, so I wasn’t sure if we needed another source of heating, but the HVAC expert said that you can never have too many sources of heating and you should always have backups like the fireplace we have. That was true, and that’s another reason we fell in love with the place, the huge living room with a lovely fireplace. I thought the cost to get the new ductless multi split was reasonable, especially since they were offering us a 25% discount on the installation. So we went for it and we have been enjoying this new system immensely with extremely low energy costs and ideal comfort!



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