I want a fireplace for my house but I’m not sure if I want gas or wood burning

I keep going back plus forth about this. I care about the idea of a wood burning fireplace with the smell of the wood burning plus the sounds of the crackling wood releasing steam vapors trapped inside. The only thing I don’t care about about the wood fireplaces is all of the work it takes to make the fire. You have to break the wood plus then haul it in, after that you need to scrub all of the ashes from the fireplace once it has burned. I care about the idea of a gas fireplace being much cleaner without all of the hassle of wood as a fuel. I have a central oil furnace to heat the beach house so the fireplace would just be for fun as I like the sight of fire, as long as it isn’t our beach house that is burning! Speaking of our heating, ventilation, plus A/C system, I know it is time to check the oil furnace filter because I haven’t cleaned it in a very long time plus I bet that it is quite dirty at this point. I normally do it every several months although I took a trip to the US and forgot to do it before leaving plus now it has been about 7months since cleaning the filter. I would care to see if they make a washable HEPA filter for furnaces because I know it would do a much better job of actually cleaning the air of any smells that the oil furnace puts out. My oil furnace is older plus seems to provide off more smells when it is slowly running.

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