We all have different temperature preferences

Anytime I go over to someone’s house I am amazed at how different they set their thermostat. Nobody truly has the same temperature needs. My brother’s house is always an ice box. He blasts his AC so much that I wear pants and sweatshirt regardless of the outdoor weather. I also know we will be inside all day long. He won’t want to be outside in the sunshine where he could possibly sweat. I don’t know how his wife stands it. It would drive me insane being freezing cold all the time. My sister hardly runs her HVAC equipment. That means in the winter the house is freezing cold and it is sweltering in the summer. She must set her thermostat at 60 one season and 80 the next. I hardly ever hear her HVAC system turn on. I secretly think she is too cheap and doesn’t want a high energy bill. For me I like 74 degrees no matter the season. If that means AC or heating, I don’t care. I want to have it 74 degrees in my home and I feel comfortable. Whenever possible I try to open windows and rely on a fresh breeze. I think it is good to give the HVAC system a break and to clean out my indoor air quality. I do know that my siblings act like my house is always 1000 degrees. My house is known for being really hot. They are always trying to turn on overhead fans or beg for AC. It is very weird.

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