Turning off the AC when he leaves

My husband is leaving for a family wedding on friday and won’t be back until late monday.

I don’t have to go since we have a cat that needs care. I am so relieved since I hate weddings to begin with. I also never get the house to myself. My husband works from home and all his hobbies keep him close by. I get where I just want to be alone. I want to pee and not have him yell my name through the door. I want to make what I want for dinner. I want to clean my house at midnight and have it not matter. Anytime my husband leaves I go a bit crazy trying to get things done. My docket is typically cleaned. I like to wash my husband’s sheets, curtains and scrub his rug. I like to mop the floors since he won’t step in my wet spots. I also like to air out the house a little bit. My husband is a bit insane about cooling. He always is running the AC no matter the outdoor temperature. I get sick of the icy cold air blowing over me all the time. I also don’t like that the same stale air is blowing around. I feel like our indoor air quality must be horrendous. The moment my husband leaves I turn off the AC and open all the windows. I like letting a fresh breeze into the house to get rid of that stale, horrible smell. You never realize how gross your air is until you introduce fresh air inside. I will turn the AC back on and seal up the house before he arrives home. He would have a fit if I didn’t.



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