Painted Outside in the Morning and Now Sitting in Air Conditioning

I got some painting done on the outside of the house this afternoon before the heat got too much.

I needed to paint around the air conditioner compressor next to the house in the truly hot sunny section of the yard so I did it this afternoon at care about 8am before the heat got too intense. Now I am standing inside with the smart control equipment on 70F trying to cool down for a while before I do some yoga. I was truly starting to sweat outside at about 9am so I came inside for a breath of cool air. My cousin has a new Heating and Air Conditioning plan which truly cools the house down quickly, so both of us don’t need to run it a lot to be comfortable, which truly cuts down on the power bills. I’m not sure how much power it draws when it is running but I bet it is a lot less than the older Heating and Air Conditioning equipment he had before this one. That seasoned equipment would run about 4 times longer than this one to cool the house down to the same temperature. They have truly come a long way with the Heating and Air Conditioning technology nowadays. I guess I will go to my stepmom’s house later for a visit as I haven’t seen his in a while. She wanted myself and others to look at his new air conditioner plan to tell his how to wash the filter in it because he hasn’t done it yet and it is due for a cleaning. It’s one of those washable HEPA filters and is truly simple to clean.

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