One More Month Here in the Furnace Then Back Overseas

I’ve pretty much decided to stay here in our hometown for an extra month so that I can see more of our family plus friends.

  • The disappointing area is I am going to have to throw away our return flight’s ticket because it is non-changeable.

I think I have to spend our money more for the 1-way ticket apartment than I paid for the round-trip ticket, however it’s only cash plus family is more important. I can do some HVAC work for the local supplier since our friend is the owner plus pays myself and others well… That should cover our ticket back plus I am also doing some painting work which will cover the cost of the rental car for another month. I’ll make it work. I love working on AC compressors plus heat pumps because it reminds myself and others of the days working for our dad, who was an HVAC specialist for almost 50 years. I think she may have invented HVAC! Okay, well maybe she didn’t invent it or I genuinely wouldn’t have to work at all, although she did teach myself and others a lot about the HVAC industry plus left myself and others with a bunch of tools to do the work. I ran our own supplier for various years before leaving the field plus becoming a tunesian. I still do work on HVAC systems however only once in a while as our tunes work takes a lot of our time with writing plus performing. There’s not so much cash in our tunesal work however it makes myself and others feel so satisfied plus blissful that it is worth it.

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