Going to Meet My Friend at His House for an Ice Bath

Today is one of those watermelon and oscillating fan days.

The temperature is really hot out so I am going to meet my friend later at his house and use his ice bath for 15 minutes.

It feels so good to jump in there when you are overheated to let your body cool down and give you some relief. I can sit in front of my mini split air conditioner but it just isn’t the same as jumping into ice cold water. I’ve heard that cold water is 27 times more efficient at cooling you down than cold air is. In the winters I jump in the sea in Europe and get a nice jolt of energy before I head back home to take a hot bath in my bathroom which has a hydronic space heater on the wall. In fact, each room in my flat there has one of those water heater radiators to keep each room warm in the winters. They work very well and sometimes make the rooms too hot so we have to turn off the hot water to them or we will end up feeling like we are sitting in a sauna. We also have a central heat and air conditioner but we really only use it in the summers to cool the place down. I think it is less efficient than the water radiators we have in each room. The water circulates throughout the whole building, heating up each flat in the process. It’s a pretty simple setup but it keeps everybody nice and warm on those cold winter nights.

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