Going to do Some Ductwork Sealing and Repair Tonight

I need to do some ductwork repair in the attic of my cousin’s house and need to pick the time when it is going to be the coolest up there.

I am thinking tonight around midnight it should be cooled down enough, but if it is still hot up there then I will just get up at like 6am before the sun rises and knock it out.

I have all of the duct tape and tools necessary, so I am ready to go as soon as it cools down up there. I’ve done a lot of HVAC repair work and can probably do it in about two hours, so I think I will have it done before the sun starts to warm the roof shingles. She noticed that the airflow was much less than it used to be, even after cleaning the HEPA filter, so I am assuming it is due to some leaks in the ductwork. Once I get that done I will have the whole day free to do as I please. I plan to visit my friend, who is a local contractor, once he finishes his work for the day. I think we are going to go to the beach and hang out for the sunset. I have a lot of friends here I want to visit but most of them are busy working or doing family stuff. I could always go to the local business and hang out with my HEPA filter salesman who is always glad to see me. I’ll see where the wind blows me today.


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